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Yungblud has a crush on Harry Styles.

The 23-year-old singer – who is pansexual – has revealed that he is attracted to Harry, 26, and thinks the One Direction star is «gorgeous».

He told The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre column: «Harry Styles is a good-looking dude. He’s gorgeous, man. I think he’s attractive.

«My sexuality is ever-evolving because I’m learning so much more about what sexuality as a concept even means.

«I think it’s about the idea every single one of us deserves to love and be loved in return by anybody we fall in love with.

«It’s like, f*** it. If I meet someone I love, then I love them.»

Meanwhile, Yungblud sings about narcotics on his new album ‘Weird!’ and revealed that the track ‘Superdeadfriends’ is about losing his friends to drugs.

He explained: «I did when I was a bit young, but I don’t do drugs anymore because that void, which a lot of us feel, is very much filled by my fan base.

«‘Superdeadfriends’ is about drug use in young people and kind of losing a lot of my peers and a lot of my friends to drug use in Hollywood and the way that is very much glamorized.

«All I wanted to amplify with this song was if you’re going to do drugs, do them safely – be careful because losing your life isn’t worth the high.»

The star – whose real name is Dominic Harrison – previously revealed he felt depressed by his split from former girlfriend Halsey, despite his career success.

He told People magazine: «I fell in love, I fell head over heels and then I experienced heartbreak and it was all over the f****** papers and all over the internet. Everyone was asking me every day why we broke up.

“I was touring the world. I was making money. I was loving it, but I was still depressed and didn’t know why, and everything just felt weird. And weird, weird, weird.»

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