‘Very Excited’: Doctors React To News That COVID Vaccines Will Arrive At Denver Health In A Few Weeks – CBS Denver


DENVER (CBS4) – The COVID-19 vaccine is expected at Denver Health in just a few weeks. This comes on the same day that Colorado successfully completed a simulation to help prepare for the arrival of the coronavirus vaccine.

(credit: CBS)

“We’re very excited. This is what we view as a solution, as our ‘out’ to this pandemic,” Dr. Connie Price, Denver Health Chief Medical Officer said.

CBS4’s Brian Maass confirmed the news with Dr. Price shortly after obtaining a bulletin sent out to employees this week. The vaccine is expected to be the Pfizer vaccine, which is still pending FDA approval but is expected to pass. Once that happens, the rollout is expected to be quick. It could arrive as soon as mid-December.

“The first is our health care workers, so there’s a phase one which includes health care workers, it includes those that are in long-term care facilities, and the highest risk individuals,” she explained.

There will be a priority system in place.

“If you’re not in the first priority group, don’t sweat it, you will soon get a vaccine,” she said.

The vaccine will require two scheduled visits, three weeks apart.

(credit: CBS)

“If you got the Pfizer vaccine for your first dose, we need to make sure we got you the Pfizer vaccine for your second dose,” she said.

And Dr. Price wants to set some expectations.

“When some people get the flu vaccine, sometimes they feel a sore arm, sometimes they feel a little bit ill,” she cautioned.

Denver Health expects to be handling thousands of vaccines and that means, they’re also planning to ensure they have enough storage.

“It needs a special freezer that can get down to temperatures of -80,” she added.

(credit: Pfizer)

Once widely available, Dr. Price also said, those who have already had the virus may want to get the vaccine too.

“That’s because we don’t have a full understanding of COVID-19, of whether that previous infection allows you to have sustained immunity,” she said.

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