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Ulrika Jonsson wouldn’t have coped with fame if social media had been around.

The television presenter admits she is «too thin-skinned» to have a Twitter account as she doesn’t want to deal with the «cyberbullying and trolling» on the platform.

Speaking about her own fame, she said: «When I reflect on that time, some 34 years ago, when I think back to when nasty letters would arrive from cruel members of the public or I would believe words in print about me, I know for sure now that if social media had been added to the mix, my mind would not have sustained it. I would not be here today if I’d had to endure cyberbullying and trolling. Like you have. I listened in disbelief to the cruel words sent towards you in your documentary and I wept. I’m too thin-skinned for that sort of stuff, which is why you won’t find me on Twitter — I can just about cope with Instagram.»

And the 53-year-old star has penned an open letter to Jesy Nelson, who quit Little Mix after nine years as she admitted her mental health had suffered as a result of being in a girl group.

In an open letter to Jesy published in The Sun, Ulrika added: «I admire you, Jesy, so very, very much for taking the decision you have. For understanding a healthy mind is far more important than all the fame and glory. You need to know there aren’t many people who would have the strength of character to do what you have done. I hope you know that …

«I hope you have the opportunity to take some well-earned time off, to reassess, regroup and hopefully relaunch. We’re not done with hearing your beautiful voice and seeing your gorgeous face. But only if you’re ready to share them. Lots of love, Ulrika x (sic)»

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