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Sky Sports News presenter David Garrido explains how Sky will highlight its renewed efforts to tackle climate change on Deadline Day, including wearing more sustainable clothing in the studio.

Deadline Day always provides excitement – a day when even more eyes turn to Sky Sports News to find out who’s moving where.

Which means it’s also a powerful platform for us to tell our audience what we’re doing to combat climate change, something I feel particularly passionate about.

Sky is hugely committed to this through various campaigns, including Sky 0 which is our pledge to go net zero carbon by 2030, and we’re really stepping things up this time.

One change is that, as a presenter, I’ll be wearing sustainably-sourced clothing – if you’re watching, my jacket is 100 per cent natural wool and upcycled, my shirt and trousers are made with organic cotton, and even my shoes are created with vegan leather in a carbon-neutral process.

Speaking of vegan, we’ll be getting the pizzas in as always, and they’ll only be plant-based. Add to that meat-free Mondays which is a good way to keep Veganuary going for those who want to.

What Sky Sports News will be doing on Deadline Day to tackle climate change

  • To help with sustainable travel, some reporters will cover a cluster of clubs
  • Using reporters who live local to the stories
  • Encouraging all teams to go meat-free throughout the day
  • All catering will be vegetarian
  • Powering down equipment when it isn’t being used
  • All staff will use re-usable water bottles and cups
  • No single-use plastic
  • Recycling all rubbish
  • All presenters will wear sustainably-sourced clothing

Along with food, transport is another biggie in terms of carbon footprint, so we’re doing our bit by only sending reporters to four Premier League clubs. The others will be based at regional hubs, one in Leeds Dock and another in London, as well as operating out of our Glasgow office.

Technology has also been vital for us when it comes to getting pundits and guests on-air – no longer are we flying them down to Heathrow and putting them in a cab to Sky Studios… because there’s no need.

We’ve all got used to remote video calls over the last year, and we’ll be going virtual again to get the latest insight and opinion from the great and good of football.

There are a whole heap of simple habits that come with the territory too – e.g. recycling all rubbish, using re-usable water bottles and cups and avoiding single-use plastic…and that’s the great thing about taking climate action: yes, it’s a significant issue but making all these little efforts really help.

It all adds up to us achieving our albert certification – which means that BAFTA (yes, the film and television people in the UK) officially recognise our green credentials for Deadline Day as a production.

I’ll be watching Sky Sports News at home when the deadline comes, and having a glass of vegan red wine to celebrate another successful window covered… before we do it all over again in the summer.

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