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Don’t sweat it.

If you’re like us, and job interviews turn your sweat glands into faucets, fear not — you are almost always a listicle away from some good tips.

Take this dreaded, armpit-moisturizing interview probe: “Do you have any questions for us?” Marie Claire just delivered a winner of an article priming you with 10 rock-solid questions that will make you sound really smart. Or, at least smarter than all those times we grunted, “Ummmmmmmmm … no?”

One more tip: Unless your arms enjoy soaking in a cold, wet pool of nerves, do not — we repeat, DO NOT — wear silk. Go with a moisture-wicking fabric. Your cottons, your merino wools. Keep your sweaty secrets close to the vest, people. Literally.

The News

Last week we teased a delicious new addition to our newsletter lineup; this week, we are delivering the goods. Sign up here to subscribe to’s new Culture Builder Newsletter, chock full of content for all you trailblazing connoisseurs of company culture out there. Side note: You don’t actually have to be a connoisseur, we just adore an apt application of alliterative address.


Under the news category “FINALLY,” the city government has launched an official portal where Philadelphians can sign up for the vaccine.

If you gig hard for the money, take a look at the return of the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program and how to get an automatic $300 when you sign up. Applications close on Jan. 29 (three days left!)

The Jobs

  • New kid on the job board block is Penn Interactive, creator of the ever-popular Barstool Sportsbook betting app. It is hiring for a few choice roles:
  • The ERP software extraordinaires of Deacom are rounding up candidates for two new roles:
  • Pinnacle 21 is on the lookout for a Customer Success Manager.
  • Azavea, the Certified B corp building geospatial software and data analytics, is looking for some biz heavy hitters:
  • The new Data Analyst at University City Science Center will be “responsible for providing data analysis and insights for programs and operations.” We put quotation marks around that because its a direct quote from the job posting; we are not, for once, being sarcastic.
  • This Technical Product Manager role will help Springboard Collaborative’s mission of “activating and equipping low-income parents to teach at home.” P.S. This company launched eight years ago, so big props for being way ahead of the pandemic curve. Forward thinkers over here.
  • The Philadelphia Inquirer, which really needs no introduction, is on the prowl for a Marketing Research Manager who gets pumped about driving advertising revenue goals.


The End

We wish you the driest of job hunts this week. Join us again next week for even more hot tips on how to groom for the Zoom. Ohh, we should trademark that.

Happy job hunting, friends.

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