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Spaces, infrastructure, community and work are the four pillars with which Bauns seeks to professionalize independent work.

November 27, 2020 4 min read

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Faced with a world panorama that has rethought independent and flexible work schemes, Bauns arises in response to the more than 15 million freelancers in the country and the impact of the real estate industry in the face of the global health crisis.

This Mexican startup offers a comprehensive connection, protection, management and accessibility solution for independent workers through multiple services focused on connecting and simplifying relationships between spaces, workers, clients and entrepreneurs.

Starting with its Spaces service , Bauns allows professionals from all industries to rent workplaces by the hour, day, week or month according to their needs throughout the country and through the same platform without the need for a membership.

The startup has achieved strategic alliances with the main coworkings , hotel chains, terraces, independent offices, among others. It offers independent workers the possibility of professionalizing their labor relations with their clients through the rental of temporary or permanent spaces, reducing fixed real estate expenses.

This alternative not only benefits freelancers, but also real estate investors, their workers and other clients, since it represents a new commercial channel for the rental of real estate spaces in its multiple sectors.

“We are very proud to officially present our Bauns platform, which continues to strengthen negotiations with collaborative workspaces, independent offices, hotels, terraces, among many others, to offer both workers and clients, more and more space solutions that are suitable to their needs at all times and wherever they go ”commented Luis Fernando Gómez, CEO and co-founder of Bauns México.

Photo: Luis Fernando Gómez, CEO and co-founder of Bauns México.

Create community

With the aim of promoting the professional growth of freelancers, Bauns allows freelancers to be part of a Community that allows them to access a catalog of exclusive events, talks of interest and courses in their industry to enrich their professional knowledge. By being part of this community, members will also be able to access a space to create their own events on the network and promote networking between collaborators.

Collaborative work enhances the scope and results of a group of professionals in the face of the challenges imposed on each project, requiring flexible and multidisciplinary work groups that allow each collaborator to play a key role in the development of said project, generating enriching value proposals and opening new opportunities. Thus, by becoming part of this community, workers will begin to acquire shared responsibility and professional stability.

Additionally, Bauns will soon present its Work services as part of the platform. This service allows clients from all industries to connect with the best talent for the development and execution of their specific projects, be it the advertising management of a campaign, legal support in a crisis or the development of an architectural project. While, workers will have job opportunities according to their interests and knowledge, allowing them to build a reputation that positions them among the best talent for future projects.

Bauns will not only link workers and clients, it will also coordinate and manage the relationship between them, assuring the client the correct execution of the requested projects through different phases; while effectively managing delivery payments to workers, creating better labor relations.

“With its arrival in Mexico, Bauns seeks to redefine the work of the future with a comprehensive solution that accompanies freelancers in their professional growth and that allows both clients and workers to generate relationships that guarantee quality of execution and excellence in results with each project ”Concluded Fernando.

The digital platform is now available through and has an app available for Android and IOS devices.

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