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Freelancers’ work-from-home skills have given them a real advantage with COVID-19’s impact on businesses. And freelance software developers have a particular edge, since companies are looking for people who can adapt to the changing demands of the new, virtually all-virtual workplaces.

Freelancing platform Upwork looked at its database to discover what the top technical skills companies are seeking when they hire freelancers. Upwork’s own research shows 51% of hiring managers are looking to hire independent web, mobile, and software developers, particularly for the skills and expertise they have.

Upwork said the fifteen most in-demand tech skills right now are:

  1. JavaScript

  2. CSS

  3. HTML

  4. Website Development

  5. PHP

  6. API Development

  7. WordPress

  8. HTML5

  9. Web Design

  10. Python

  11. Web Application

  12. API Integration

  13. jQuery

  14. MySQL

  15. React

And speaking of technology jobs, IT skills are also in high demand. If you’re looking to grow your skills in that arena, check out our list of «The 10 Highest-Paying IT Certifications of 2020

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