The Premier League is changing VAR for this season – but Euro 2020 standards hard to repeat – The Athletic

Roberto Rosetti, the chairman of UEFA’s referees’ committee, struck a triumphant tone in the days that followed the finale of Euro 2020. “The scope to criticise the referees was very limited,” he said in a debrief laden with lavish congratulations. “Their work over 51 matches was seamless. We’re very proud of them.”

Self-praise might be no praise but Rosetti still had a point. The European Championship came and went with refereeing controversies in short supply and, perhaps more importantly, tentatively pointed towards a future where video technology might not be quite as insufferable as most were beginning to fear.

In the 51 matches that spanned a month, a total of 276 incidents were checked by VAR. Only 18 of them — 6.5 per cent — resulted in corrections and only eight of that number were overturned via an on-field review at a pitchside screen.

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