Summary of China’s Science and Technology News-June 14 –


Beijing, June 14 (Xinhua)-The following is a summary of science and technology news published in China.

Footprints of dinosaurs and turtles

Researchers from China and the United States have jointly announced that they have found well-preserved dinosaur footprints and turtle swimming traces in Shaanxi Province, northwestern China.

Truck makers are estimated to be 8.1m and 6.5m in length, respectively. The former is close to the size of large theropods such as Allosaurus, Megalosaurus, and even larger Ceratosaurus. According to researchers, turtle footprints represent the oldest turtle footprints in China.

Security scanner

Many ports and airports in China are beginning to use their own millimeter-wave scanners for security checks, said the developer of a research institute belonging to the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation.

Scanners are used in 23 ports and 8 airports along the border to provide faster response and higher accuracy.

In contrast to past X-ray scanners, the radiation of millimeter-wave scanners to the human body is one-thousandth that of mobile phone signals, indicating that the device can be safely used by humans.

New digital museum

Meet the characters in the frescoes, fly around the ancient Beijing city in the cabin and look up at the “Starry Night” like Vincent van Gogh … these ideas could be realized in Beijing’s new digital museum There is.

Leveraging technologies such as 5G, 8K, and artificial intelligence, the new digital museum will free historic sites from time and space constraints and bring them to life, according to a forum held by a research institute affiliated with the Beijing Film Academy. You can.

Summary of China’s Science and Technology News-June 14

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