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Stella McCartney has vowed to “promote change” in the fashion industry to create an “abuse-free society” for future generations.

Fashion designers and environmentalists were one of the people who signed Prince Charles’ Terra Carta Transition Coalition for a Sustainable Future at the G7 Summit in Cornwall.

She states: “My goal is to drive change, encourage investment and make lasting differences through incentives to support the next generation.

“I hope the G7 Summit will translate our message into a policy that brings us closer to building a society free of all living things, Mother Earth, and each other.”

Earlier this week, Stella was a guest at St. James’s Palace and urged global leaders to introduce new legislation and legislation that “hard-stops” unsustainable practices in the industry.

She states: “Because I’m really here, I’m asking all these powerful people in the room to move from conventions to new sourcing methods and new suppliers to the fashion industry.

“One of the biggest problems we have in the fashion industry is that we are never policed. There are no laws or laws that would bring a severe outage to our industry … we give incentives. Must give, [and] To work better, you need to consider taxation. “

Stella is at the forefront of the battle for a sustainable future for fashion.

In 2020, the 49-year-old designer released a manifesto to shape the future of her eponymous label.

She states: “During the blockade, I verbally defined what we love, know and believe in fashion. Stella McCartney’s A to Z. That’s our values, we do. In short, this manifest has become an alphabet that guides us to always create the most desirable and sustainable fashion that we can cherish forever, while taking responsibility for what we are doing and where we want to go. It reflects who we are and who we want to be. “

A to Z has set new guidelines and principles for the label, explaining that fashion houses are working towards an eco-friendly company with zero waste and upcycling materials.

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