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Since the beginning of the twenty-first century, there have been many successful start-ups. Some big names like Twitter, Instagram, Uber, Airbnb started small but have now become giants. All industries have felt the impact of growing start-ups, ranging from health, governments to casinos, and banking. Casinos have something called “progressive slot jackpots” – a category of games in which the jackpot (grand prize) increases every time it is played without being won. When the jackpot is finally won, it is reset to a predetermined level, and the grand prize begins to grow again in the same way.

Any business that wants to grow must consider future technology to remain competitive. If you’re planning to grow your start-up and wondering what future technology trends you need to work on, here are a few ones.

  • Artificial Intelligence

AI is not a new term in the technology world. However, in recent times, it has been making an impact in several industries. This includes finance, gaming, healthcare, education and many more. In finance, companies are using AI to make better recommendations to customers and help them make wiser decisions. A start-up making use of this is Kami, a chatbot firm. Kami uses AI to analyze chat conversations and understand the circumstances and preferences of each customer. It makes their work easier as they can provide personalized guidance to the customers.

Online gambling sites also make use of AI to recommend games and products to users. It enables players to locate progressive jackpot slots or table games that will suit their tastes easily.

  • Automation

This is one of the most exciting trends in IT. It is the application of technology to deliver goods and services with minimal human efforts.  Automation is being used in different business sectors, including data science. It makes data scientists’ jobs easier by helping with processes like data preparation, exploration, and modeling. In the coming years, data science automation will enable scientists to give out more advanced analysis. As a start-up, you should consider creating your data science team.

  • 3D printing in the Medical Industry

Another trend to look out for, especially if you’re in the medical field, is 3D printing. Many universities are already improving their studies on bionic body parts 3D printing. Princeton University Scientists, for example, have already printed a 3D “bionic ear” that “hears” radio frequencies, which the human ear cannot.

  • Human Augmentation

This is a process of strengthening a person’s physical and cognitive ability. Once implanted in the human body, that person will be able to carry out tasks that used to be naturally impossible for him or her.

Human augmentation will not only improve the physical stamina of that person but also enhance the ability to think and make better decisions. Considering the benefits it could add to every industry, we can say human augmentation does hold a substantial potential in the future.

The fifth-generation network has finally been rolled out and has brought us to a new level. One of the most outstanding features of the network is the speed by which it is expected to clock at 20 GB/s. So, how fast is this? Let’s consider an example. If you download an item of around 5 GB at an average of 50 MB/s, it will take about thirteen minutes to complete the download. But with 5G at top speed, this will take you only two seconds.

5G has opened up more opportunities for different industries. Players on online casinos, for instance, will be able to stream live games easily. It will also reduce the glitches experienced by gamers when playing progressive jackpot slots and other games. Furthermore, the network will help other areas like autonomous driving, empowered smart cities, VR, and many others.

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