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Stacey Solomon is launching a new book, ‘Tap To Tidy’.

Inspired by her favourite Instagram stories, the ‘Loose Women’ presenter will be sharing her Tap To Tidy method, hacks, recipes and crafting make-ups in the new book.

She said: «When I started doing Tap to Tidy on Instagram, I had no idea people would enjoy satisfaction of seeing a huge mess turn into something liveable as much as I do! And I’m so grateful, because, quite frankly, it’s the only content I’ve got most of the time. It’s been a dream come true to put all my favourite tidying, organising and crafting projects into writing and share my weirdness with the world.»

The book will feature handy tips and tricks to help the reader with their crafting and tidying. It will also feature a QR code, which can be scanned to access a playlist of Stacey’s favourite songs.

Stacey has also been a keen supporter of small businesses online with her #SupportSmallwithStace hashtag and she continues you this through her book, where she makes a list of some of her favourite small businesses across home, kids, clothing, jewellery, food and crafts.

And taking to Instagram, Stacey shared the exciting news with her 3.9 million followers.

She wrote: «Honestly I’ve never been so nervous … Thanks to your kindness, support, love and encouragement, I was given the chance to write a book and I said yes.

«And today this came through the door and my stomach has been doing summersaults ever since. I can hand on my heart say I’ve thought so much for so long about every word, drawing, diagram, craft, snack, tap to tidy and playlist in it, from cover to cover. It’s taken over my life for the last year … You all told me to go for it and so I did… I just hope it’s everything you thought it would be and I really hope I do you proud. Because the truth is if it wasn’t for you I would never have had the confidence to even do it. And I am so grateful for you all I can’t even begin to put it into words. So here we go … I’m so nervous it’s a joke … This is for you. Love you to the moon and back, always Stace (sic)»

‘Tap To Tidy’ by Stacey Solomon will be published on March 4.

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