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SPENCERPORT, N.Y. — Businesses in downtown Spencerport are relieved to see the Spencerport Canal Bridge reopened after it was closed for more than a year.

Texas BBQ Joint has had it fair share of struggles this year.

What You Need To Know

  • Spencerport Canal Bridge has reopened after being closed for more than a year
  • Businesses in the area hope business picks up now that traffic can flow through again
  • Spencerport businesses are feeling the sting of COVID-19

«It’s definitely slowed down a lot,» said Grace Lane, who works at Texas BBQ Joint.

Grandpa Sam’s Italian Kitchen just down the street found itself in a similar situation.

«We just hope this whole COVID thing goes away as quick as it got here,» said Vincent Alonci, who is the co-owner of Grandpa Sam’s Kitchen.

These businesses are feeling the sting of COVID-19, but the closure of the canal bridge that goes through the heart of the village hasn’t helped. 

The good news is that for the first time since July 2019, traffic is able to flow through town again.

Lane believes business is about to pick up.

«It’s just the constant inflow of people. It brings the restaurant a little more to life and we all kind of miss having the busy atmosphere around here and having people walk by outside and with more traffic, it gives the restaurant more personality,» Lane explained.

Vincent and Rose Alonci are thankful for everyone who had supported them while the bridge was closed, which allowed them to stay in business.

«Hopefully, business will pick up more and hopefully COVID will be gone next year and we can go back to business,» said Rose, who also co-owns Grandpa Sam’s Italian Kitchen.

«Not only for us, but for all of the businesses in the area, because a lot of them have suffered big time, more so than us. I would just like to see everybody come back to where they were,” added Vincent.

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