Simone Biles’ «Aunt» Suddenly Died | Entertainment News – Pennsylvania News Today


Simone Biles’ aunt died “unexpectedly” while competing in the Olympics.

The 24-year-old gymnast withdrew from the four finals for mental health reasons, but returned to the competition on Tuesday (03.08.21) and won a bronze medal at the balance beam event before her father’s side.

And her coach, Cecil Canketo Randy, said:

“I asked her what she needed, and she said,” I just need a little time. ” I said, “You call me, send me a text message if you need something I’m here. Whatever it is.”

“She called her parents. She said,” There’s nothing I can do from here, so I’m just going to finish my week and I’ll deal with it when I get home. ” “”

Simone had “two sessions” with a sports psychologist from Team USA before being allowed to compete on Tuesday, and her coach said she was “openly talking about treatment.”

“Honestly, I think we should all do that, not shameful,” Cecil added.

She jokingly added: “And I think I might need to do that. It was a week of hell. Some are very expensive and some are very low.”

Cecil also wants Simone to take a “vacation”.

She said: “I think she needs a good break. We’re going back to work, but I’m glad she can go back to her family, her boyfriend, and her dog. She’s just going home. Have fun. “

And the coach argued that it was “too early” to consider whether Simone would be in the next Olympics in 2024.

She said: “For now, it’s too early to say after the week she spent. I don’t think she’s ready to commit to something, and I blame her. not.

“She was taking one day at a time, you know, we’ve been saying every day since we came here, especially last week.” One day at a time, how you feel Let’s see, how do you want to do? It was mainly a partnership with her. She is 24 years old She knows herself I know her very well, and that’s all we’ve been working on. “

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