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Saweetie refuses to dilute her “morality” in search of money.

The 27-year-old rapper has gained fame and success in recent years, but he is never allowed to compromise his morals and values ​​on his way to stardom.

She says: “For young women in LA, it’s financially helpful, but it can lead to situations that put jabs on the soul and body. Basically, I remember having the opportunity to make money, but that’s right. By doing so, I would have violated my morals and values.

“I was broken, but I do nothing to look down on myself … no matter how desperate.”

The “My Type” hit maker refused to reveal the specific details of the story, but she explained that it proved a broader point.

She told Teen Vogue: “It’s a story in itself, but I think it was the moment I was. It’s okay. As long as you pray and work hard, you’ll eventually get what you want from life.”

Saweetie recently moved to a new property, but she now feels very optimistic about the future.

She said, “I just got a new place. I refreshed. It feels like a new chapter. I just became a good person and with a fair amount of a ** b ****. I want to help people, though. “

Meanwhile, Saweetie previously stated that “black music symbolizes culture.”

Rapstar (whose real name is Diamonte Harper) explains: “We still feel influential. Beyond hip-hop and rap, you can see black music in rock and black music in pop in R & B. That’s what we do as people. I think it shows how talented you are. “

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