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In Bangladesh, the job sector is becoming harder day by day.  Freelancing is becoming a serious career choice for the young generation now. Those youth who want to make a successful career in freelancing marketplaces can take Raihan Ahammed Shanto as an example. He is currently an icon whom anyone can follow. He is a freelancer, an SEO expert, a Digital marketer and a web developer.

He is not just keeping opportunities for himself. He is spreading career opportunities to the local youth.

Personal Information

Raihan Ahammed Shanto has become a top influential person in freelancing marketplaces from Bangladesh at just 21 years old. His parents Md. Abdul Matin and Raushan Ara Begum are blessed with two sons. Raihan’s elder brother, Razuyan Ahmed Rabbi, is also one of the most successful freelancers globally and the owner of rabbiitfirm. Raihan Ahammed Shanto is now the CEO of rabbiitfirm. He has also set up a company of his own and now the owner of shantoitfirm.

His Academic Life

Shanto completed his primary education at Madhupur Shahid Smrity Higher Secondary School. He grew in Madhupur, A Upazila of Tangail district. Now he is studying Physics at Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University. His Academic record is so good till now.

Shanto’s Future Dreams and Plans

Raihan Ahammed Shantohas a dream of doing something by himself and being self-employed. This free willingness in casework attracted him toward freelancing. But that is not the only reason.

Shanto has been devoted to computer, the internet and related works a lot. He got primary freelancing education from his elder brother. Now he has a lot of clients in the digital marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork, and many more. He has now an expert in digital marketing, website development, Article writing and SEO management. He is on the verge of becoming one of the top webmasters in Bangladesh.

His determination is praiseworthy. He is devoted to his works and never compromises in quality of his service. He values his customers. That is why he has built his own IT farm to give the best service. He is also doing a tremendous social job in his local area. Many young students are now training under his supervision. He is also helping them with different bits of advice from his own experiences, which are being beneficial in getting orders on marketplaces. He finds talented young students who are looking for jobs or earning souces. He gives them training on different segments and even provides jobs on his IT farm.

His beautiful works are appreciated by everyone. He has a lot of friends and followers on social media. He wants to carry on his works and wants to see everyone like him, aself-dependent.

An Interview of Raihan Ahmed Shanto

While talking with him, he shared some information which is needed to be shared. His interview may encourage many of you if you want to be successful from your early life. He said, “The world is not a bed of roses and it is not easy to establish yourself. But everyone should keep faith in themselves. Success will come toward you if you work really hard and stay focused. I have also some struggles in my earlier days but I kept working hard. I have learned a lot thing from others specially my elder brother Razuyan Ahmed Rabbi. He has guided me both as a brother and as a teacher”. Raihan Ahammed Shanto also added, “In Bangladesh where getting a job is so much hard, young people should focus developing skills from early ages. There are a lot of scope to work and for earning money from the internet and freelancing if you have the correct knowledge and skills. It will also be very beneficial to our country economy.”

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