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I don’t know how ASUS manages it, but for some reason it’s getting better with each new launch.Company Tough dash F15 surprised me With its impressive specs, performance, and price tags that made most other laptops overpriced.

ASUS ROG G15 has a great display, great speakers, a powerful CPU, and more in a very reasonably priced package. If you need a device for creating games and content, I can’t really think of any more devices.Image: Aniluda Regidi

With the recently launched Zephyrus G15, ASUS has once again made history. That is, look at the table below.

model Zephyrus G15 Dash F15
CPU AMD Ryzen 9 5900 HS Intel Core i7-11370H
sheep 16 GB 16 GB
GPU RTX 3060 (80 + 20) RTX 3070 (80 + 5)
Display resolution 2560×1440 @ 165 Hz 1920×1080 @ 240 Hz
price 1,37,990 rupees 1,39,999 rupees

Compared to the impressive F15, the G15 is cheaper, has a better display, a more powerful GPU (3060, but can handle more power), and a more powerful CPU. If you need a verdict right now, that’s it. Buy G15 and don’t look back.

Better than the previous best.

The over 8,000 dots on the lid look great, but I wanted to see the LED panel underneath it, not the shimmering sheet. Still, it's a good looking laptop.Image: Aniluda Regidi

The over 8,000 dots on the lid look great, but I wanted to see the LED panel underneath it, not the shimmering sheet. Still, it’s a good looking laptop.Image: Aniluda Regidi


Are you still here?

Maybe you don’t believe me, maybe you think there are pitfalls, or maybe you’re just a fan of Intel. Let me prove that you are wrong.

display: The G15 comes with a 15.6-inch 2K display and a refresh rate of 165Hz. The F15’s display has half the resolution and a much higher refresh rate. 240Hz is important for hardcore gamers who play with an unstable balance at the edge of the seat. Not for everyone else.

In terms of color gamut, the G15 covers 100% and 96% DCI-P3 in the sRGB spectrum (this is the same as on Apple’s MacBook). The F15 manages only 92% sRGB. This is also very good, but relatively unimportant when compared to the G15.

The white balance is a little off the box right out of the box (about 7,200K compared to the expected 6500K), but nothing could be fine-tuned. The color accuracy was accurate and my colorimeter measured a maximum ΔE of only 0.74 and an average ΔE of 0.15. ΔE quantifies the difference between the colors displayed on the screen and the expected value on an ideal display. The smaller the value, the better. Values ​​less than 1 mean that the color change is so small that it is imperceptible to the human eye.

In other words, this display is almost perfect.

The brightness of the display reached about 336 knits and measured an impressive contrast ratio of 1040: 1.

performance: The G15 8-core 16-thread Ryzen 9 5900HS runs a ring around the F15 4-core 8-thread i7-11370H for advanced multithreaded workloads such as 3D rendering, matching the single-threaded i7 IPC. task. The additional core is also useful for livestreaming and heavy multitasking. Again, the 11370H isn’t bad, it’s just that the 5900HS is much better.

Comparing the relative performance of the Dash F15 at a similar price to this Zephyrus G15, the winner is pretty clear.

Comparing the relative performance of the Dash F15 at a similar price to this Zephyrus G15, the winner is pretty clear.

For games, the performance differences between the two machines are comparable, with the G15 leading slightly in some games.For example, G15 manages 77fps Division 2 And F15 manages 70. Horizon Zero Dawn, G15 sends 71fps to 65 of F15.

The F15’s RTX 3070 is more powerful than the G15’s 3060 on paper. The 3060 offers only 3,880 CUDA cores, 30 RT cores, and 120 Tensor cores, and the 3070 5,120 CUDA cores, 40 RT cores, and 160 Tensor cores. In addition, the 3060 has only 6GB of VRAM to the 3070’s 8GB, while the F15’s 3070 is even slower.

Faster GPU execution is the superior thermal of the Zephyrus G15. This impressive cooling is due to the liquid metal thermal interface and the redesigned heat pipe and fan system, which is faster and quieter than previous Asus designs.

The G15's RTX3060 outperforms the F15's RTX3070. These results were recorded in 1080p, but you can rest assured that you will get a 60fps game in 2K.

The G15’s RTX3060 outperforms the F15’s RTX3070. These results were recorded in 1080p, but you can rest assured that you will get a 60fps game in 2K.

Speaking of which, I’m used to howling when gaming laptop fans stand up to catch up with my game. On the G15, you’ll hear a low-pitched hum rather than a howl. It’s more comfortable and you don’t have to scream to hear your voice.

The G15 draws power from a 200W power brick, but you can pinch to draw up to 100W of power via USB-C. You can even quickly charge the battery to 50% in 30 minutes.

With an office-type workload of less than 6 hours, the battery life was very good.

design: The G15 looks and feels good to use. The lid is particularly interesting, but in a way disappointing. On a pure white lid *Check notes* “8,279 perfectly spaced perforations across an incredibly compact surface area.”

Why are there so many accurately spaced dots? I don’t know, but it’s definitely cool. I think that was the point.

In addition, Asus has placed a “Prismatic Film” under those dots. When exposed to bright direct sunlight, it glows in rainbow colors. It’s okay. You rarely see it anyway, and even the person sitting behind the lid will not notice the sparkle, as the film needs to capture the light at just the right angle. The G14 has LED panels under these perforations, which I think is pretty cool.

Keyboard and trackpad: Taking a page out of Apple’s book, Asus brought a large glass trackpad, and it feels great. The keyboard is fine, but in contrast it was a bit disappointing. The keys are well spaced and easy to index, but lack feedback compared to some of the better laptop keyboards I’ve used. However, the backlight is the worst part.

The white backlight under the white key works only if the backlight is very bright and uniform. In G15, neither. It is impossible to read the key from a certain angle.

Rich ports, covering the range from USB-A to USB-C with DP1.4 and PD3.0, RJ45 Ethernet jack, microSD card reader (why not SD card slot?), HDMI doing.

audio: The speakers are great. Not a MacBook Pro-yes, it’s great, but it’s still great. Asus claims that the laptop has 6 drivers (2 tweeters and 4 woofers) and the volume level is very high. Given the half-decent bass, the music sounds pretty good. For games, stereo separation and accuracy are sufficient for competitive shooters.

Verdict: Asus did it again

As I said at the beginning, and in me F15 reviewJust buy the ones that are already shit. To date, only Apple’s MacBook has offered such a cohesive package with great displays, great speakers, and great performance. Other than the keyboard backlight, there are no design issues.

Compared to meticulously crafted devices like the 16-inch MacBook Pro, the design isn’t yet sophisticated, but the MacBook doesn’t come with an RTX GPU, 165 Hz display, or liquid metal cooled. ..

If it’s the stylish, gaming and productivity stakes you’re looking for, you can’t make a mistake with the Asus ROG Zephyrus G15.

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