New Technology for Lung Cancer Detection at Samaritan Medical Center – Spectrum News


Samaritan Medical Center in Watertown says lung cancer rates in the North Country are 50% higher than the New York State average.

And as Samaritan continues to upgrade its cancer-fighting capabilities, it’s hoping a new robotic machine can make a big impact.

It’s called the ‘Monarch’ platform.

Using a video-game like controller, the doctor uses the robot to access air pathways inside the human body.

The new technology allows doctors to better view inside the lungs, and also obtains a tissue sample for biopsy, reaching places never reached before.

«We want to make sure that we make the earliest diagnosis possible. We have always had navigation bronchoscopy and a bronchial ultrasound throughout the years, but this will help to keep us on the cutting edge,» said Dr. Rory Sears.

Samaritan Medical Center is one of only two facilities in the state with this technology.

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