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Nev Schulman became his third father.

“Catfish” host and wife Laura Perlongo give sweet tribute to two newborn babies, Cleo James Schulman’s brothers, Bo Bobby Bruce Schulman, and to their parents again. became.

Nef uploaded a sweet video of his bond with a little kid, and in an adorable clip you can hear him saying, “Hello, do you see me? It’s your dad.” I can do it.

Laura also shared her snap holding her baby in the hospital upon arrival and captioned a sweet snap.

Nef announced the happy news of becoming a dad again in April.

Alongside the family moments, with Bo and Cleo’s children blinking their bellies, he said, “We’re pregnant !!! # 3 #HatTrick.”

Laura also revealed that she will share some “TMI” body and pregnancy stuff in OnlyFans, along with some photos from family shots.

She added to her page: Photos and so many moreee. For pregnancy lovers, body stuff and pregnancy “TMI” goes to the only fan that will be a very fun link in the profile.

“Subscribe if you want to ride together for a complete experience (and love your pregnant body as much as I do) Send you all the love !!! THREE !?!

Nef has said in the past that he wants a third child.

He states: “Sure, I have a one-third plan. I can’t burn anything. [but] I was one of two [Laura] One of the three, she loves to have two siblings and still does. So I have three. I think that’s the number. “

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