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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has seen many persons adversely affected by weakened economic activity, the National Commercial Bank (NCB) has fast-tracked its plans to introduce the NCB Gig Network.

The NCB Gig Network is an online portal designed to allow skilled individuals to work on specified projects that are being implemented across the organisation.

Similar to popular job sites like Upwork and Fiverr, the NCB Gig Network is a virtual marketplace where local freelancers can be selected to perform short-term assignments within the bank.

Through access at, a variety of service providers, including graphic designers, website developers, copywriters, project managers, makeup artists and tradesmen, will be able to bid on temporary jobs posted there by NCB.

Additionally, the website will serve as a source for NCB to easily find entrepreneurs and small businesses with the skills and services needed to participate in projects across multiple disciplines.

“The gig economy is a phenomenon that has emerged in recent years to facilitate short-term engagements, temporary contracts and independent contracting. Given the current economic uncertainties, we found it timely to bring forward our plans to launch the NCB Gig Network. We believe it can contribute to easing the financial burden that some are experiencing, as well as provide an employment platform to source freelancers who prefer the flexibility and structure of periodic assignments.” shared NCB’s CEO Septimus ‘Bob’ Blake.

The NCB Gig Network follows economic relief and recovery efforts such as the NCB Foundation’s Level Up Grant, which earlier this year offered $25 million in funding for displaced Jamaicans. Offered through partnerships with iCreate Institute, Northern Caribbean University and Internet Income Jamaica, the programme provided persons with a chance to upskill themselves with short courses in over 25 subject areas, including digital marketing, social customer service, sales and marketing, voice acting and more.

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