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Natalie Imbrulia says her period at Writer’s Block was “related” to her “longing” for becoming a mother.

The 46-year-old singer struggled with pen music during the session of the 2015 album “Men”. She believes it was because she could only think of wanting a child when she thought about it later.

The “torn” hit maker had a son named Max in 2019-he was devised using IVF and sperm donors-and on Friday (24.09.21) for the first time in six years. I returned to music with the album “Firebird”.

Natalie, who shifted her focus to acting during the break from music, explained that she felt forced to return to the studio after reuniting with her fans on her last tour of 2017.

She said: “Oh, well. What wasn’t happening at that time?

“I don’t know if I know I quit music for a while and took a break to study acting. [2015’s] ‘Man’. I made that album, and I think I had a writer’s block for the entire duration of it, but I wasn’t really honest with myself about it. And my label, which I signed, decided to make a cover album before letting me make the original material.

“I did, but the tour was really great. I met the fans again. I really missed singing my story, so I wanted to stand on stage and sing my own words. You know. mosquito?”

Natalie, who resigned the BMG in July 2019 after leaving the label in 2007, added that her pregnancy was like a massive “breath” and boosted her creativity.

she said “100%. Also, I think the desire to be a parent needs to be related to the writer’s block. Obviously, that’s important to me, there through relationships, singles, everything. It was a long journey to reach. It was a long journey.

“I think it was like exhaling when I finally got pregnant. For creativity, when I had this creative flow, it must have reached a certain time. Yes, unconditional love, the experience of being a parent, the unknown—all of which were great to write. ”

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