Medical World News® Deep Dive: Mehmet Sitki Copur, MD, on the Potential of mRNA Vaccines in Cancer Immunotherapy – Cancer Network


May 16, 2021

Copur spoke with CancerNetwork® about the potential for a new era of cancer treatment and immunotherapy with the recent approval of mRNA vaccines to treat COVID-19.

CancerNetwork® sat down with Mehmet Sitki Copur, MD, of the University of Nebraska Medical Center, to discuss his article in the journal ONCOLOGY®, titled “Messenger RNA Vaccines-Beckoning of a New Era in Cancer Immunotherapy.”

Copur discussed how the approval of recent messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines by the FDA to combat COVID-19 opens a door for the potential future of cancer immunotherapy and mRNA vaccines.

This segment comes from the CancerNetwork® portion of the MJH Life Sciences™ Medical World News®, airing daily on all MJH Life Sciences™ channels.

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