«Mastercard Cryptocurrency»[Bitcoin] update: Amazon, Uber, Mastercard, Twitter hint to use Bitcoin afta ‘CBN Cryptocurrency ban’ – BBC News


12 February 2021

"Mastercard Cryptocurrency"[Bitcoin] update: CBN Cryptocurrency ban

Transaction in Cryptocurrency ban still dey for Nigeria even as some big corporate organization around di world dey think of using Bitcoin as means of payment.

Of recent, Twitter, Amazon and Mastercard don give hint about dia grand plan to use Bitcoin ‘Cryptocurrency’.

Twitter dey think of paying workers/vendors with Bitcoin

"Mastercard Cryptocurrency"[Bitcoin] update: CBN Cryptocurrency ban

Twitter Chief Financial Officer, Ned Segal tok during one recent interview on Wednesday with CNBC say di company dey think about how dem fit pay dia workers or vendors with popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

«We don do a lot of upfront thinking to consider how we fit pay employees if dem want us to pay dem in bitcoin, how we fit pay vendor, if dem actually want us to pay in bitcoin, and weda we need to get bitcoin for our balance sheet in case dat happen.»

Oga Segal add say dis na «something we dey continue to study and look at, we want to dey thoughtful about over time, but we neva make any changes yet.»

Ned Segal say wetin fit make dem quickly take di decision to begin use Bitcoin sharperly na if pipo begin request to do business with dem in Bitcoin.

Mastercard say dem go begin support select cryptocurrencies dis year

"Mastercard Cryptocurrency"[Bitcoin] update: CBN Cryptocurrency ban

Mastercard dey plan to support digital currency transactions directly on dia big network, and allow merchants receive payments in cryptocurrencies later dis year.

On February 10, Mastercard explain for one of dia recent blog post why dem wan bring crypto into dia network. Di company say dia philosophy on cryptocurrencies dey straightforward: «Na all about choice.»

«Whatever your opinions on cryptocurrencies…di fact remains say dis digital assets don dey become more important part of di payments world.»

«We don see dis fact play out on di Mastercard network, with pipo using cards to buy crypto assets, especially during Bitcoin recent surge in value. We are also see say users dey increasingly take advantage of crypto cards to access dis assets and convert em to traditional currencies for spending.»

«We dey prepare right now for di future of crypto and payments, announcing dat dis year Mastercard go start supporting select cryptocurrencies directly on our network. «

Amazon dey preparing to launch «digital currency» project for Mexico

"Mastercard Cryptocurrency"[Bitcoin] update: CBN Cryptocurrency ban

E-commerce giant, Amazon dey prepare to launch digital-currency project for Mexico. Dis hint dey come from of di company recent job postings.

Amazon post some number of job offer, wey describe di project wey dia Digital and Emerging Payments (DEP) department dey sponsor as a way for customers «to enjoy online services.

«Dis product go enable customers to convert dia cash in to digital currency using which customers fit enjoy online services including shopping for goods and/or services like Prime Video.»

Amazon Digital and Emerging Payments (DEP) division dey plan to roll out di product for Mexico first, adem wan hire software development engineers «at all levels» to staff up for launch.

Uber dey consider adding crypto payment options

"Mastercard Cryptocurrency"[Bitcoin] update: CBN Cryptocurrency ban

Uber CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi tok on Thursday for CNBC say dem dey consider to accept cryptocurrencies including bitcoin as a form of payment.

Oga Khosrowshahi say di company go look into such options if dem fit identify any benefit or any need to do am.

Di Uber CEO shot down idea of di company buying bitcoin (BTC, -0.44%) for dia corporate balance sheet, but add say «We go keep our cash safe.»

Wetin Nigerian Senate tok about CBN Cryptocurrency Ban

"Mastercard Cryptocurrency"[Bitcoin] update: CBN Cryptocurrency ban

For February 11, Nigeria senate discuss di decision of Central Bank of Nigeria to stop Financial Institutions from transacting in Crypto currencies.

At di end of di tok-tok, di Senate come decide to Mandate di Committees on Banking, Insurance and oda Financial Institutions, ICT and Cybercrimes, and Capital Market to invite di CBN Governor for briefing on di opportunities and threats of di Crypto currency on di kontri economy and security and to report back findings within two weeks.

All dis dey happpun afta Nigeria Central Bank on Friday stop banks and financial institutions from dealing in Cryptocurrency or facilitating payment for Cryptocurrency exchange – weda na Crypto coin or Crypto token.

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