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Margot Robbie was warned about going into business with her husband.

The ‘I, Tonya’ actress has set up LuckyChap Productions in 2014 with her spouse Tom Ackerley and their then-flatmate Josey McNamara, as well as her childhood friend Sophia Kerr, and though other friends told them it would be a mistake to work on the production company together, they are thankful they have only had a positive experience.

Margot said: «It’s super awkward for me because these two are practically married, so … No, to be honest, when we first started the company, a lot of people warned us against it and said, ‘Business and friends do not mix. It always ends dirty.’ We heard that a lot.»

Despite the warnings, the trio have found their personal relationship has made working together much easier.

Josey told The Hollywood reporter: «But we have such a shorthand because we know each other and each other’s taste so well, so it’s just so seamless. And it also makes it enjoyable.»

Tom added: «Exactly, and we really try to promote that familial environment at the company, too. It’s a hard thing to do, and I think we’ve succeeded.»

The trio also admitted they can’t remember where the name for their company came from.

Margot said: «We were drunk, and we don’t remember how we landed on it… It’s too out there now. But it’s been a good-luck charm so far, so I think we’ll keep it.»

Though Margot insisted the company wasn’t set up to provide films to star in, she admitted her name has meant a lot of movies that otherwise wouldn’t be made have been green lit.

She said: «We never started a company to be a starring vehicle for me or to be a platform for me to chase my dreams. It was really that we wanted to expand what female stories and female storytellers could do in this industry, and I don’t need to be onscreen for that to happen.

«But it’s a wonderful position to be in since my platform can also open some of those doors. And especially at the beginning, there were a lot of first- and second-time filmmakers that we wanted to work with, and you can’t get something greenlit without a bankable name attached and I’m so lucky to fall into that bracket [of bankable names].

«But I’m not right for every role. I felt that way about ‘Promising Young Woman’ (which stars Carey Mulligan).»

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