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About Luckbox Magazine

About Luckbox

The control freak’s guide to life, money and probability. Since its debut in April 2019, Luckbox has received a total of 14 editorial and design awards including being named Best New Magazine in 2019, and 2020. With each issue, an award-winning editorial team explores actionable insider investment ideas as well as trends in finance, music, fitness, gadgets, technology, wine, and spirits. The magazine is available in print (U.S and Canada) as well as globally via digital subscription formats at

About tastytrade

tastytrade is one of the fastest growing online financial media networks, currently producing eight hours of live, original programming each day to provide financial information, investment strategies and entertainment related to options trading and the stock market. tastytrade is also the parent company of luckbox, a monthly print and digital financial and cultural magazine, tastyworks, a retail trading platform for derivatives; The Small Exchange, an exchange that creates retail-accessible futures products; quiet foundation, a free investment advisory service; and dough, a content-filled, easy-to-use stock-trading app.

Luckbox Magazine

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