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M. Knight Shamaran had to change his approach to keep secrets about his film.

The 50-year-old director, known for his vigilant style when making films, explained that as his career progressed, he needed to put more “thinking” into obscuring the story.

Shyamalan said HeyUGuys.com: “This is what I’m thinking about right now. In the early iterations of my career, I made a movie and handed it over to marketing, but the last four movies weren’t.”

The Sixth Sense filmmaker confessed that he was worried that the studio might be giving the audience excessive access to the film.

Shyamalan said, “Before I talk, they start talking to you first. We should be in sync because we are talking the same.” ..

The director’s latest project is “Old,” based on Pierre Oscar Levi and Frederik Peeters’ graphic novel “Sandcastle,” and a group of people trapped on the beach find that they are aging rapidly. Noticed, Shyamalan felt he was telling a story, a match with the author.

“After Earth” Helmer said: “In this case, I felt inspired by the free-form ending, rather than bringing it to the cinema in exactly the same way.

“It felt like a think tank between me and those authors, and we were telling stories to each other. When I read it, I was inspired by something and followed that inspiration. It felt very similar in many ways to the composition of my story. “

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