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Getting laid off in the midst of a pandemic is probably a person’s biggest nightmare. With the re-implementation of the movement control order (MCO 2.0), finding a new job is going to be a challenge.

Having said that, don’t give up hope! There are still companies actively hiring – as pointed out by Akif Jamaludin, who compiled a list of jobs available in the country. Even if you’re looking for a side income, this list is worth checking out.

Ride-hailing driver or delivery rider

Source: Marketing Interactive

1. Grabcar: https://grab.com/my/
2. Foodpanda: foodpanda.my
3. DeliverEat: https://jom.delivereat.my
4. Lalamove: https://lalamove.com
5. Matdespatch: https://matdespatch.com/my/
6. MyCar: https://mycarasia.com
7. RidingPink (female drivers only): https://ridingpink.com
8. TapauJe: http://tapauje.my/racer/
9. Thelorry: https://thelorry.com/my
10. Maxim: https://taximaxim.com/my/en/
11. Mula: https://mula2u.com
12. Tapaw: https://tapaw.com/ms/home


Car Rental

Source: Vulcan Post

13. Moovby: https://moovby.com
14. Trevo: https://trevo.my/

Freelance Jobs

15. Favser (Finding a job based on your qualifications): https://favser.com
16. Freelancer: https://freelancer.com
17. Goget (Part-timers needed): https://goget.my
18. Kaodim: https://kaodim.com
19. ServisHero (Home services): https://servishero.com/my/en
20. Supahands (Project-based): https://supaagents.com
21. Upwork (Qualifications needed): https://upwork.com
22. Bateriku (freelance technician): https://bateriku.com

Service for those in need

23. MakCikTravels.com (Open to females only): https://makciktravels.com
24. Teman (Caring for the needy): https://www.temanmalaysia.com/
25. Locum Apps (catered to doctors and nurses): https://t.co/1Y8e025Bqh?amp=1

Professional photographers/ videographers

26. iStock (Selling your photos/videos): https://istockphoto.com
27. 123RF (Selling your photos/videos): https://123rf.com

Caring for animals

28. Jompaw: https://jompaw.com


29. Snapask: https://snapask.com
30. Udemy (Video courses): https://udemy.com
31. Sifututor (online tuition): https://t.co/UyZSi7cJKr?amp=1


32. MyBump Media: https://mybump.my


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