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The LL Cool J’s Rock the Bells brand has unveiled its Hip-Hop Is Essential collection.

The music veteran apparel line has evolved to reflect the latest style preferences of the “Loungin” hit maker. He praises it as “high quality, self-confidence, versatility, comfort”.

The 53-year-old star (whose real name is James Todd Smith) said in a statement:

“As my life evolves, current offerings don’t speak to the stations of my life. Today’s streetwear doesn’t always fit properly and can be difficult to obtain. On behalf of me. I wanted to make something to do. High quality, confident, versatile and comfortable. “

Products include pastel hoodies, pants, shorts and tank tops in the summer and neutral in the fall.

Prices range from $ 35 to $ 85.

The Essentials collection will appear after Rock the Bells dropped a hip-hop culture-inspired chain collection in December.

Rappers and actors have joined forces with designer Alexander-John to celebrate the importance of chains as a mode of expression throughout the history of hip-hop.

Alexander John said: “LL has been my idol since I was a kid and inspired me as a young black man. This guy is all you need to be a guy. When we saw, we started a conversation, and she said, “We have to get you to do something for LL.” The feelings were mutual. She made it happen. “

LL said: “He listened to the streets and found the design unique and special. It’s adventurous, but it’s still disciplined,” I said. .. ‘”

This line, which includes hoodies, jogging bottoms and duffel bags, was created “in honor” of custom jewelery and graffiti, which are “synonymous” with hip-hop culture.

The sneaker designer said: “LL said there was no need to reinvent the wheel. Hip-hop is classic and timeless, with the goal of paying homage to culture.

“How do you bridge the gap between this generation and what LL was inspired by?” Chain is a synonym for it. Everyone understands that they make their own custom jewelery. Attacked as an art form born of graffiti and hip-hop. Chains represent what many rappers used to describe their style, their logo, and what they represent. “

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