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Keith Richards thinks his life has been «pretty exceptional».

The 76-year-old star can barely believe the fame and success he’s enjoyed since joining the Rolling Stones, and despite all that he’s achieved, he remains as passionate about music as ever.

He shared: «It’s been pretty exceptional this particular life. I’m really at a loss sometimes to sort of figure out how the hell I got here.

«But the music is the thing that keeps you going, so that’s what I try and concentrate on.»

Despite his success, Keith has never studied songwriting and has spent the entirety of his career relying purely on his instincts.

He explained: «You know, just grabbing it out of the air and you don’t know where it came from. It’s a beautiful mystery.»

Earlier this year, the Rolling Stones released ‘Living In A Ghost Town’, a single that marked their first new material in eight years.

The track was recorded during sessions for a proposed studio album, but those plans were subsequently put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking to the BBC, Keith explained: «With The Stones really, they have to be in the same room to play.

«I’ve been in touch with Mick [Jagger] and Ronnie [Wood] and I’m trying to figure out if we could pull a session together in the next few weeks – but it’s all a bit of an experiment really.»

The iconic band – which released a cover album called ‘Blue & Lonesome’ back in 2016 – have played some of the world’s biggest and best-known stadiums since they formed in the early 60s.

But Keith still relishes the experience of playing smaller, more intimate venues.

He explained: «I still love playing clubs, just for atmosphere, and the sounds.»

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