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Kate Hudson is engaged to Danny Fujikawa.

The 42-year-old actress took her engagement news to social media to share with her longtime boyfriend and posted a snap of her sparkling engagement ring on Instagram.

Kate, kissing her fiancé in the photo, writes: [bride and groom emojis] (Sic) “

The Hollywood star has already congratulated her engagement by some of her entertainers.

Amanda Kloots wrote:

In response to Kate’s post, Katie Couric said: [heart emojis] (Sic) “

Zoey Deutch also celebrated the engagement of his beloved couple.

She wrote: “Congratulations on aww!”

Elsewhere, Naomi Campbell simply said: “Congratulations! [heart emojis] (Sic) “

Kate and Danny started dating in late 2016 and she previously revealed how they met.

The actress explained that Erin and Sara Foster (her “best friend”) played a major role in their romance.

Kate (Rider (17 years old) and Bingham (10 years old), and Lani (2 years old) and fiancée from a previous relationship) wrote in an Instagram post to commemorate the first anniversary: rider. His sister-in-law is my best friend, so we’ve been in the same circle for over 10 years! “

She later explained how their relationship evolved.

Kate said: “A year ago today, Danny took me on a hike. What I thought was a hike with my family friends soon became an unexpected first date.

“There was no movement on this first date. In fact, it took him a few months to make the first move! And the kiss on this bridge was good, so the kiss a year later was very sweet. It was really great to be able to open our hearts and feel pure love for a year of getting to know each other on our 15th day. “

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