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James Corden developed «faux confidence» after being bullied at school.

The ‘Late Late Show’ presenter admits he was regularly made fun of by his school peers because of his size and so decided to fake confidence to fight back against them because having that bravado was like «kryptonite» to the bullies.

Speaking to CBS News, he said: «I don’t look back at my time at school. I was bullied because of my size, in truth that’s probably where all that faux confidence comes from.

«It was all a defence mechanism of like, I’ll be the biggest target in the room. Bullies don’t like that. Confidence is like kryptonite to bullies.»

James recently admitted he feared he would be fired from the ‘Late Late Show’ and refused to let his wife buy furniture for a number of months after they first moved stateside.

He said: «When we moved here, my wife and I, we had two kids at that point, and I wouldn’t allow us to buy furniture. We rented all of our furniture. I said to Julia, ‘I’m going to get fired, this won’t work. And as soon as we get fired, we’ll want to get back to London, so we don’t want to be lumbered with a couch.’ Eventually my wife was like, ‘Please can we buy some furniture?’ And I was like, ‘OK, I think we are safe to buy furniture now.’

«That’s been every day of my adult life, really. I’ve thought I’m going to get fired at some point. I think outside of even work, just in life, if you can constantly try to Google Earth yourself, realise where you are, realise what you are doing, fundamentally hang onto the very things that are important. Counting those blessings and checking your privilege and all those things I think are really useful and necessary things to do.»

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