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Jack Whitehall had to move out of his new home after being damaged by the flood.

A “jungle cruise” actor dating model Roxy Horner only bought a £ 17.5 million home in Notting Hill, western London last month, but last week’s heavy rain flooded the kitchen and dining area. He was temporarily living in the hotel, ruining the parquet floor, which left him “stuck”.

One source told The Sun: Talk about putting a damper on your move. The house is incredible and he loves it. There is even a lift and a swimming pool. He didn’t expect the kitchen to be a pool either.

“Roxy doesn’t live there full-time, but she’s been there most of the week, and it’s definitely going to be the perfect home to start a family.

“There are plenty of bedrooms and a nice outdoor space.

“The courtyard was surrounded by the back and the flood started soon.

“The rain was incredible and didn’t stop.

“It began to flood the back of the house, it went into the kitchen.

“They had to move while the repairs were taking place. The flooring was ruined and it was really expensive.

“I need to replace everything now.”

The five-bedroom house was once a pub. There is a pool, sauna, steam room, gym, cinema room and private parking.

The 33-year-old comic, which was recently granted a blockade, “accelerated” his relationship with Roxy, and Roxy moved with him just two weeks after he started dating.

He states: “Strangely, it was very good because we spend a lot of time together and in a way accelerate the relationship.

“After that, when the lockdown was over, there were a lot of things we noticed. We never went out to see a movie together.

“I met in Australia, so I never went to a restaurant in England.”

Meanwhile, a “bad education” actor revealed that his life of love was not always a mediocre voyage.

He explained: “I’m Looney Bait. I’ll tell you that the date I had didn’t work.

“I was eating with this girl, but this guy came and said,” I’m James Corden’s cousin. “

“At that point he sat down and the date was a tripartite situation. About 25 minutes after the conversation, he realized he was also Jamie Redknapp’s cousin.

“I was like,’Oh, I messed up this.’ He was a complete Fantasist.”

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