Jack Whitehall admits lockdown boosted Roxy Horner relationship – WFMZ Allentown


Jack Whitehall moved in with Roxy Horner after just two weeks of dating.

The 32-year-old comedian invited the model into his London home when the UK went into lockdown to slow the spread of coronavirus in March and though it «accelerated» their relationship, they also found they missed out on a lot of ordinary experiences.

He told the ‘Couples Quarantine’ podcast: «Weirdly that was quite nice because we spent a lot of time together and it accelerates the relationship in a way.

“Then when lockdown ended, there’s a lot of things we realised. We’d never gone out to see a film together.

«We’d never been to a restaurant in England because we met in Australia.”

Meanwhile, the ‘Bad Education’ actor revealed his love life hasn’t always been plain sailing.

He explained: «I’m loony bait. I’ll tell you a story of a date I had that went badly.

“I was having some food with this girl, and this guy came over and he said, ‘I’m James Corden’s cousin’.

«At that point he sat down, then the date became a three-way situation. About 25 minutes into the conversation he dropped in that he was also Jamie Redknapp’s cousin.

«I was like, ‘Oh no, I messed this up’. He was a complete fantasist.”

Jack previously said he regrets not marrying Gemma Chan – whom he dated for six years between 2011 and 2017 – and admitted he «messed it up».

Speaking to his mother Hilary in an episode of his Netflix show, ‘Travels With My Father’, he said: “I f***** up my chance of that. I did. I could have got married but I messed it up.”

Also in the episode – which was filmed before he began dating Roxy – Jack apologised to his mother for being the only single member of their immediate family, as it meant he had to attend his sister Molly’s wedding alone.

He added: “I’m sorry I’ll be attending the wedding alone and I’m sorry you have two children who have model relationships and one who is going to be there on his own maybe trying to shag a bridesmaid.”

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