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Instagram down? Instagram app crashing on Android for many users.

Instagram, the popular social media application, has been suffering from some sort of a bug. Many Android users across the globe are not able to access the application. The issue is not widely spread but has been troubling only some Android users. With this, #Instagramdown and #Instagramcrash hashtags have started to trend on Twitter.

As of now, Instagram has not yet given any indication as of when the issue will be resolved. According to the popular website, DownDetector, over 800 reports have been submitted. The website further shows that the issue started at around 3PM today and the complaints started rising at around 5PM. The complaints have seen their peak at around 8PM.

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Here’s how people have been reacting on Twitter since the outage:

In case you have been facing the same issue lately, do not try to uninstall and install the app again. It will not contribute in bringing back the app’s functions. The outage is from the company’s end and should resolve soon. 

Meanwhile, we recently saw an outage on Google’s products. On Monday, people were unable to use YouTube, Google, Gmail, Google Docs as well as other Google apps on their phone and computers. 

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