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Cryptocurrencies have become one of the most popular investment options for the public in 2021. The nature of cryptocurrency markets promises low risk and high returns in a short frame of time. With such a lucrative model, millions of people around the world have started investing in various different types of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin etc. A new cryptocurrency by the name of Ratcoin has been launched recently and has been gaining viral attention on the internet. Many crypto enthusiasts have been searching on Google for how to buy Ratcoin. 

What is Ratcoin?

Ratcoin is one of the latest cryptocurrency to have been launched recently. Ratcoin uses decentralised blockchain technology to manage and record its transactions. As per their official website, the goal of the project is quite simple: deploy a fun coin that will ever infest your life. Ratcoin is similar to Dogecoin in the sense that it appears to be simply a meme coin made for fun and for getting people invested in the crypto market.

Many people online started to say on Twitter that Ratcoin is an Elon Musk cryptocurrency. However, Ratcoin developers put out a Tweet clarifying the issue, saying Elon Musk is not involved with the project in any way. As per the Ratcoin website, the max supply of Ratcoin has been capped at 9 Billion coins and the block time for mining a Ratcoin has been set at 3 minutes. For those interested in more technical specifications, here are the Ratcoin specifications as per their website. 

RatCoin Specifications:

  • Name: RATCOIN
  • Ticker: RAT
  • Max Supply: 9,000,000,000 (9 Billion)
  • Block time: 3 Minutes
  • Algorithm: Scrypt POS / POW
  • Premine: 20% (1.80 Billion) made up of:
  • 13.49% for the swap (1,214,430,975.76010)
  • 4.26% for Development (383,228,755.00000)
  • 2.25% Community Fund (202,340,269.23991)
  • Coinbase maturity: 30 blocks
  • Staking Maturity: 30 Blocks (~1.5 Hour)
  • Target spacing: 3 minutes
  • Target timespan: 1 block
  • Transaction confirmations: 30 blocks
  • Pow 0 coins per block till block 200k
  • rpcport=19764

Where to Buy Ratcoin?

As per their website, Ratcoin can be bought at the following crypto exchanges: Freak Exchange, Bololex and Stake Centre. Additionally, if you store Ratcoin in a physical wallet, you can trade it independently send them to your friends or acquaintances. You can check the Ratcoin price on any of the above-given exchanges, as it keeps fluctuating. However, investing in crypto can be a risky venture, especially when dealing with newer cryptocurrencies. Readers are advised to do thorough research before making investments. Stay tuned for more updates on cryptocurrencies. 

Image Source: Ratcoin Website

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