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How Health Tech Industry is strengthening the Healthcare infrastructure.

The Indian pharmaceutical market is adversely affected by the weak and incompetent logistic infrastructure of India. Especially in pharmaceutical, where a robust network is required, lack of proper road conditions has created a rift in the healthcare stocks chain. The supply network in healthcare requires active engagement from healthcare players as timely delivery of medicines and healthcare can lessen the risk to the life of the patients.

For maintaining the fastest dispense of medicines and healthcare for people residing in rural and semi-urban areas, there is a critical need of establishing seamless communication amongst the key service providers of the healthcare sector.

The incorporation of digitization can integrate every stakeholder in the healthcare industry to expand the reach of every service, also artificial intelligence can troubleshoot issues for the effective delivery of healthcare requirements.

Commenting on the topic, Shreyans Mehta, CEO and Founder of Medcords shared, «It’s like every Medical store have an app to deliver orders and other services to their customers with every doctor having an e-clinic to treat more patients remotely and gets a better insight on the previous medical history of their patients thus delivering and expanding and effective healthcare digitally.”

Apps like SehatSathi, a MedCordsapp, is striving towards streamlining the supply-chain for  Tier-II and Tier-III cities, by digitizing the local pharmacists and providing them with a wider prospective customer base. Such hybrid models, where regional players are provided with an avenue to expand their scope of the business can also help solve the issues of India’s fragile logistics sector.

Since the key healthcare professionals are urban biased, it leaves the people living in Tier-II and Tier-III cities with a quality and timely treatment deficit. Bringing the health care sector online for the medically disadvantaged sector of the society can manifest to be the strengthening pillars for the Indian healthcare sector.

With the Government of India planning to vaccinate citizens of the country, the need for a stronger logistic sector is crucial. The Government of India in the recent Financial Year 2021-2022 devoted Rs 2,83,846 lakh crore in the healthcare sector, it is the golden chance for the healthcare sector of India to redeem itself.

Introducing internet pharmacies (Making local pharmacies online) in the Indian healthcare sector will not only increase the availability of medication and access to doctors but will also make the treatment economical and time-efficient for people.

Bringing giant private players in the health care sector of India can bring in more investment and better scope for the flourishing of public healthcare in India, by reforming the cold chain supplies required by the health tech sector to provide standard health care to every sector of the Indian society.

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