Hailee Steinfeld: Fame is so easily achieved today – WFMZ Allentown


Hailee Steinfield thinks fame is «so easily achieved» these days.

The 24-year-old actress and singer admits celebrity status is so easy to come by these days and that people have a «natural human behaviour» inside them to «want to be seen and heard».

Speaking about her role in ‘Dickinson’, she shared: «Fame is so easily achieved today, but even in Emily’s time she’s wondering what it will do to her. It’s natural human behaviour to want to be seen and heard and given attention, but the reality can be pretty wild.»

And Hailee finds it frustrating when she’s told she can’t be both an actress and a singer.

She added of her own anxieties: «There was a time when people in music thought I couldn’t be an artist if I was also an actor. I’ve had moments when I’m about to release a song – with the music it feels more direct to me than the films, because they’re my words – and the night before it comes out, after mixing, mastering and living with it for so long, I always find myself going: ‘It’s terrible!’ Emily gets a similar wave of self-doubt that comes with sharing something personal.»

Hailee wants others to be unapologetically who they are, without worrying about others’ opinion.

She told inews.co.uk: «There’s no reason anybody should feel confined to a certain behaviour, occupation or whatever. Do what you wanna do, wear what you wanna wear, be who you wanna be. If anyone’s telling you anything else at this point, then that’s their problem.»

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