Gwen Stefani talks about her ‘iconic’ nineties outfits – WION


Singer Gwen Stefani says back in the nineties, her iconic outfits were created by one girl who would knock-off looks for her.

The star was known for her bold hair colours, cool chains, big prints and signature red lipstick in the nineties. However, she didn’t have a stylist during her touring days. Instead, she had someone who would put together ensembles, reports

Gwen Stefani takes a trip down the memory lane in the video of ‘Let Me Reintroduce Myself’

“I didn’t consciously make them ‘looks’ back then,” Stefani said.

“On tour, I didn’t have a stylist. I had one girl who would knock-off looks for me,” she added.

Further talking about her looks, Stefani said: “She’d make my cargo pants by going downtown and pulling fabrics, sending them to me, stapled to a piece of paper with a number, and then I’d go, ‘I want yellow bondage pants, use that trim’. Then she’d FedEx them to me on tour. So it’s incredible how those outfits have stood the test of time. They are iconic.”

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