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Giovanna Fletcher took «years» to talk about her miscarriage.

The author and ‘I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here’ winner – who has Buzz, six, Buddy, four, and Max, two, with her husband Tom Fletcher – admits it was «hugely comforting» speaking out about it.

She said: «I had a miscarriage before Buzz and it took me years to be able to talk about it, but once you do it’s hugely comforting to know that you’re not alone. Miscarriage is still common and it’s amazing that people don’t feel like they can tell people that they are pregnant until 12 weeks because they don’t know what might happen. When a miscarriage happens you need the people in your life to be there for you and you don’t need to feel ashamed or like you’ve done anything wrong, you need the people in your life to be able to give you the support. I don’t feel like people should be scared of saying anything just in case, because if the just in case happens you need those people.»

And Giovanna praised Duchess Meghan for opening up about her own experience with baby loss.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, she added: «It’s amazing to hear that Meghan has spoken about it, I’d love to interview her on the podcast. I think it’s so important that people are open about miscarriages, every time someone brings this topic of conversation up it helps so many people, because it’s such a lonely thing to go through and hearing other people express themselves when you can’t find the words to help people understand what you’re going through is so important. I think it’s so admirable and amazing for her to share what is a really raw and upsetting thing to go through.»

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