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AMORY, Miss., Jan. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The COVID-19 pandemic has brought fear and despair globally. As it rages on, some individuals have taken to the internet to magnify the fear and desperation by making outrageous claims as to how the virus is transmitted, prevented and treated. Such untenable pseudoscientific claims not only lack evidence but are usually loosely explained.

As we approach one year since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic by the WHO, a lot of scientific knowledge has been generated in the area of prevention and treatment. As such, reliable and trustworthy information has become more crucial than ever. Gilmore Health News has taken the mantle to provide the latest and most reliable information on COVID-19.

Through the help of Dr. Tampiwa Chebani and in an effort to keep their devoted readers up-to-date during these difficult times, Gilmore Health allocated significant resources to develop a coronavirus Q&A platform where readers can get expert advice on COVID-19.

In recognition of their commitment to high quality and trustworthy information, Honor health, the most respected organization regulating medical information on the internet awarded Gilmore Health News a seal of approval. The site was certified by The Health on the Net (HON) Foundation in October 2019. To acquire and maintain certification, Gilmore Health has to meet the strict criteria set by Honor Health. This mandates the site to work tirelessly on its content ensuring that it complies with the eight principles of the HON Code of Conduct. As such, this makes Gilmore Health one of the most trusted medical websites.

Gilmore Health content is well researched and compiled by experts for assurance of authenticity. All articles are supported by facts sourced from medical societies and associations, universities, governmental organizations (CDC, WHO, FDA, and NIH) and patient groups.

The content is written for easy understanding by both consumers and healthcare professionals. This content includes news and research on the latest breakthroughs in medicine. In addition, Gilmore Health also publishes guides on medical conditions and articles on fitness, nutrition, disease prevention and anti-aging.

Gilmore Health will also offer their content in French

About Gilmore Health News was obtained in 2018 by Bruxt10 Trust, a healthcare publishing company. The site provides all of its content and services free and without need for registration.

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