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George Clooney believes 2020 is “designed to test our mettle”.

The 59-year-old actor has spoken out about the sad events of the past 12 months, which on top of the coronavirus pandemic, has also seen the passing of stars including Kobe Bryant and Chadwick Boseman, as well as protests for racial equality in the form of the Black Lives Matter movement, which were triggered following the death of unarmed black man George Floyd at the hands of police.

And the ‘Money Monster’ actor has said the “terrible” year people have experienced has been a “test”, which he thinks was designed to “make us wonder when is this going to stop”.

He said: “[On the whole], it was a terrible year. It started with Kobe Bryant dying and went downhill from there. I remember when Chadwick Boseman died. I didn’t know he was sick. No one knew he was sick, and I remember that gut-punch feeling like this year is just designed to test our mettle and make us wonder when is this going to stop.”

George also specifically touched on the peak of the Black Lives Matter movement, and said it’s important to keep the conversation going when it comes to equality.

He added: “There was that moment after George Floyd where [the atmosphere] was really electric. I went to companies and said this is the time for you to be donating money to these [diversity and inclusion] causes, and corporations were so clear that they needed to be more involved, and they jumped.

“You did see the commitment to it. Now the question is about the follow-through because the follow-through is very different from everything happening in the heat of the moment. I think it’s incumbent on all of us to continue to force that argument. And hold people’s feet to the fire as much as possible and to keep pushing these people in positions of power to be more inclusive.”

And the ‘Suburbicon’ actor remains hopeful that change can still be made.

Speaking to Variety magazine, he said: “The white heat of protest has gone away for now, and sometimes the eye gets taken off the ball. So let’s hope that there are things we can do to keep the eye on the ball.”

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