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Gabrielle Union will claim «gastrointestinal issues» to get some time away from her kids.

The ‘Being Mary Jane’ star – who has Kaavia, two, and is stepmom to Zaire, 18, Zaya, 13, and Xavier, seven – quipped she will do anything to have five minutes peace.

She said: «I can’t even front. I will claim a gastrointestinal issue so fast to get a little extra time.»

And Gabrielle is urging other parents to ask for help if they have been struggling, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic where schools have been closed for a large part of the year.

Speaking to Parents magazine, she added: «We’re very lucky that we have a very large village. It doesn’t make you a failure [asking for help]. Needing help does not make you weak or vulnerable – it just means you need help like everybody else.»

Meanwhile, Gabrielle previously revealed she is «inspired» by her step-daughter Zaya.

She said: «Freedom exists in so many different forms, but we are so blessed to be in a household where we have free children. We have a daughter that is almost two, that the world has seen, is bound to nothing but whatever is in her heart and on her soul at the moment. And it’s beautiful to watch truly free children. We have another daughter who is 13, who has the freedom to be exactly who she is, who she was born to be, her most authentic self. It’s wildly inspiring.»

And Gabrielle insisted she doesn’t want her children to have to «shape-shift» to fit in.

She said: «I didn’t want to put the same thing on our kids as what we put on me. All I can ask of my kids is to be good people, but not to shape-shift constantly, out of a fear of scaring someone that’s committed to being afraid. When you realise how many decades I wasted trying to be something else, and centring fear that is unfounded, and rooted in racism and anti-Blackness.»

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