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There is a sense of foreboding and expectation about the pace at which the G7 is addressing the issue of the distribution of vaccines to Africa, with many concerned that the G7 leaders are not going to get the urgency of this right.

Here is one example that captures the flavour from the filmmaker Richard Curtis, a UN advocate for the sustainable development goals. He told the Guardian:

This weekend world leaders have the opportunity to show they are serious about achieving the UN global goals for sustainable development – a historic plan they all signed up to in 2015. That plan included a commitment to deliver good health and wellbeing for everyone – which Covid has made the central challenge facing the world. We need to see a real historic deal on vaccines at this summit. It’s a unique moment for brave global leadership, it isn’t about nice half measures, it’s about making sure one billion doses are delivered worldwide by September, sharing knowledge and getting a global financing deal to help vaccinate the world.

This G7 summit is an opportunity to help make Covid history. Seven people in a room doing the extraordinary thing, by being brave, of saving countless lives and all our economies. I hope and pray that Prime Minister Johnson will lead the way.

Kirsty McNeill, policy director at Save the Children is also worried that a gap is appearing this year in supply that the offers by G7 nations is not meeting. She said:

It is ultimately the agreement or not of a global financing plan to vaccinate the world on which this summit – held as the pandemic still rages – will be judged. The education and dose sharing announcements provide some foundations, but the jury is still out on whether the prime minister will lead the G7 or merely host them.

David Miliband, president of the International Rescue Committee and speaking at Brookings Institute event was equally stark, saying:

We are winning the race between vaccines and variants in the rich world and losing the race in the poor world. There is a danger that victory is declared in the rich world before the battle has even been engaged in the poor world. We are taking a massive risk.

He added: “We need to focus on not just redistribution, but also distribution of vaccines.” He also said it was “important to see this not just as an issue of overseas aid since that misses the scale of this”.

A police officer billeted on the cruise ship the MS Silja anchored off Falmouth has tested positive for Covid. Devon and Cornwall police said:

As part of our testing regime, during the early hours of 11 June we have identified one officer who is currently supporting G7 policing and accommodated on the ferry, has given a positive lateral flow test for Covid-19.

The officer, plus those who have come into close contact, are currently self-isolating at another designated location.

All who have come into close contact or are in the bubble of those who tested positive are also currently self-isolating which equates to 12 officers in total. The next stage is for those who have tested positive to undertake a PCR test. We are continuing to follow the advice of Public Health England.

Around 1,000 officers are staying on the the MS Silja.

A police officer on duty in Cornwall at the G7 summit.
A police officer on duty in Cornwall at the G7 summit. Photograph: Ben Stansall/AFP/Getty Images

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