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Anyone who has worked as a freelancer knows that having in-demand skills is only one part of the equation. The other, and perhaps more crucial one, is having a solid network of contacts you can make use of for a continued stream of work.

Having access to said network can prove a stumbling block to many a freelancer, which is why local freelancer marketplace Fundi.Digital launched a new Referral Programme and Slack community as part of its platform.

This as it aims to have it easier for freelancers to not only recommend one another for projects, but also create a stronger network to make collaboration possible.

“Often, a freelancer’s biggest stress is the not knowing where the next job is coming from. It all starts with contacts. No contacts, means no clients which means no jobs and no money,” says Hillel Chemel, co-founder of Fundi.Digital.

“By being part of the network, freelancers receive more job opportunities, more often,” he adds.

Chemel also notes that an added benefit of this freelancer-focused ecosystem is that it allows businesses and agencies to have personalised contact with freelancers in a secure environment.

As for the new Slack community, it is exclusive to members of the network. It will feature new jobs and projects posted there, and freelancers are able to respond and submit queries about the work if it sparks their interest.

From a help and collaboration perspective, the Slack group will also provide a platform for freelancers to engage with one another to gather information, share and learn from a community of likeminded people, according to Fundi.Digital.

“We believe that the freelancers within our network are some of the best in South Africa and because of this, many of them have built strong relationships with businesses and fellow freelancers. Through the referral programme, they can be rewarded with cash for referring business that they might not have the skills or capacity for,” adds fellow co-founder Johnathan Mayer.

To find out more about the platform, and the new Referral Programme, head here.

[Image – Photo by Surface on Unsplash]

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