Freelance platform Fiverr to air first Super Bowl commercial –


Fiverr, an online platform for freelancers, will air its first Super Bowl commercial.

The spot, which will be an evolution of its recently launched campaign, “It Starts Here,” will run during the third quarter of the game and will focus on the role Fiverr has played as a resource for businesses during the pandemic.

“Fiverr has been operating in the future of work and digital transformation since it started 10 years ago,» says Gali Arnon, chief marketing officer. «When the pandemic started, we were humbled by the ability to help so many people.” The Israeli-based company has seen a meaningful uptick in freelancer workers who joined the platform in 2020, when the pandemic left many without jobs.

As many businesses had to pivot, relying more on freelance workers, Fiverr is using the moment to help companies be nimble.

Fiverr is a resource for freelancers who can find jobs through the platform, as well as for businesses, who can find potential employees.

Arnon declined to provide details on the creative or if it worked with an external agency.

Prior to the pandemic, Fiverr had been relying on out-of-home and digital advertising, with a large presence on subways and the like. When the pandemic started, it became obvious that out-of-home was no longer working, Arnon says. So, the company decided to try TV advertising last year, which proved successful and led the company to make a Super Bowl commitment.

This makes Fiverr the first newcomer to Super Bowl LV.

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