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Daisy Edgar-Jones hopes she will be able to hug her grandparents again next year.

The ‘Normal People’ actress has kept her distance from her elderly relatives because of the coronavirus pandemic but she hopes 2021 will be easier and she can have physical contact with them once again.

Asked about her hopes for 2021, she said: “On a personal level, I hope I am able to see my grandparents and give them a hug.

“Politically, I hope we can be less divided.”

The brunette beauty also hopes the new year will bring positive news for the arts industry, with so much of it being closed down due to the global health crisis.

She said: “Culturally, I hope theaters, music venues and, in fact, all the arts, which have been hit so hard, will thrive and be all the more appreciated for telling the stories which have the potential to make us a more empathetic society.”

‘Normal People’ aired during the UK’s first lockdown so Daisy initially felt detached from its success.

She told the Big Issue magazine: “This definitely won’t be a year I will be forgetting any time soon!

“I have had some time to make sense of the impact within the last few months.

“The initial release of the show felt like a surreal video game I was playing as my only interaction with it was through my phone.

“But during the summer when lockdown lightened and I was able to see more of my friends and leave the house, I definitely realized how many people the show had reached and what that meant for me and my career.

“The show has definitely opened doors for me, which I feel very lucky about.”

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