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DENVER (CBS4) – New stimulus checks for many Americans could start to go out next week. It comes as a relief to many who are struggling to keep food and shelter over their heads, though many are still worried about finding long-term stability.

“I didn’t think it was going to pass,” Angelique Mark said.

Angelique Mark (credit: CBS)

In that regard, Mark is happy that the COVID Relief Bill is expected to extend through March.

“People don’t see us, we’re backstage, we wear black,” Mark told CBS4.

Mark is a logistics coordinator for concerts and tours. She’s been doing this for about 30 years.

(credit: Angelique Mark)

“If you come from corporate America and you look at my resume it looks like I can’t keep a job,” she explained.

There are others like her, she’s part of 12 million Americans who are freelance workers. Many of them reported they couldn’t claim unemployment because it’s hard to prove their work history. She says her industry has not received government help to keep alive through the pandemic.

“There are a lot of people, anyone who works in conventions anyone who works in live events,” Mark said.

Mark was able to document and prove her employment to get a check, but she doesn’t think it’ll be able to cover much of her payments, such as her mortgage.

(credit: CBS)

“It’s just not going to stretch as far as we need it to,” she said.

Mark is grateful an extension will buy her some more time.

“I worked the election, I knit samples for a knitwear company,” she said.

It comes as a disappointment that she has received handfuls of rejection letters despite holding multiple degrees. She’s hoping that she can hold out until the touring industry can hit the road again.

“My fear is, we’re just going to be forgotten about. I think we already have been,” she said.

Part of the federal relief package will help save venues, but freelance workers may still be in a bind.

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