Cindy Crawford’s hair «caught up with her face» | Entertainment News –


Cindy Crawford feels like her hair “wraps around” her face.

The 55-year-old model admits to enviously staring at her 19-year-old daughter Kaia Gerber, admitting that she reminds her of her youth.

Cindy talks about her greatest beauty concerns and tells the WSJ Magazine:

“As a woman, I know that wrinkles make my hair gray, but no one talks about the aging of the hair itself. Looking at the hair of my 19-year-old daughter, I said,” I have old hair; please return it. “

Cindy also revealed that she uses the jacuzzi twice a day and enjoys the “repair” process she experiences.

A model with Kaia, Presley, 21, and her husband Rande Gerber said: [soaks] 1st: On the 1st at 6:30 in the morning, I am singing a bird by myself, so I am grateful.

“The second half before dinner is the time to catch up and enjoy the sunset as my husband comes with me. I’m Pisces. The hot water is definitely mine. It’s very resilient. With a jacuzzi, if you amortize it , I think it saves money because it’s a cure. “

Meanwhile, Cindy previously claimed that friendship was the key to marrying Rande.

Catwalk star, who was married to Richard Gere in 1998, said: “I think the reason Rande and I really work is because we were friends first.

“I wasn’t trying to impress Rande when you were with a friend, never did it, and really showed your shortcomings from the beginning.

“He was late to pick me up. I was like,” You are late! ” It was as if I was yelling at him when I first met him. It was good. When he yelled at him later, he was already looking at that side of me. “

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