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Christine and Frank Lampard are expecting their second child.

The television presenter and the soccer star – who already share two-year-old daughter Patricia together – have confirmed that they are set to become parents again.

Sharing a photo of herself cradling her baby bump, she wrote on Instagram: «A new year and a new baby on the way for the Lampards! It’s been a strange and worrying time to be pregnant but we’re hoping and praying that cuddles from family and friends are not too far off. Sending all my love to everyone going through pregnancy during this crazy time (sic).»

Christine previously admitted she felt the «weirdest craziness of emotion» after giving birth.

She said: «I remember a friend of mine beforehand saying, ‘About day three after you’ve had your baby, you’ll just want to cry.’ It’s apparently something to do with when your milk is properly coming through. She said, ‘You’ll cry, and it’ll not be for happiness, it won’t be for sadness, you’ll just cry.’ I thought, ‘God, that’s gonna happen’.

«And it did happen! I just started crying! I was holding her crying going, ‘I don’t know why I’m crying!’ It was just this weirdest craziness of emotion.»

And the ‘Loose Women’ star also revealed at the time that she wanted to be told about the «worst cases» of what to expect after birth, because she would rather feel prepared.

Christine explained: «It is interesting just how much we all want to know beforehand. I kind of wanted to know the worst cases, I wanted to know the worst things so I thought, ‘If I don’t get to that then I’m happy.’ I wanted to know if something bad happens, how do I fix it?

«I’m better when I kind of knew that sort of stuff as opposed to going in completely ignorantly. I don’t think you ever fully now until you’ve gone through it.»

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