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BEIJING, Nov. 27 (Xinhua) — The following is a summary of published science and technology news of China.


China has been giving full play to intellectual property rights (IPR) in helping targeted poverty alleviation.

The IPR authorities pay attention to the public service system of intellectual property information and has launched website services to facilitate access and utilization of IPR information resources in poverty-stricken areas. China has also been cultivating Geographical Indications-related industries and injecting resources in poverty-stricken regions.


China plans to build a prototype for a lunar scientific research station in the fourth phase of the country’s lunar exploration program.

The prototype, which will consist of multiple detectors operating in lunar orbit and on the lunar surface, will be capable of conducting scientific and technological research on the moon, as well as technical verification of lunar resource exploration and utilization, said Wu Weiren, chief designer of the program.


China had launched more than 700,000 5G base stations, with over 180 million terminal connections, as of October this year.

Liu Liehong, vice-minister of Industry and Information Technology, said that the country’s 5G technology is seeing accelerated integration with the real economy, with an increasing number of terminals and more fields of application, such as smart manufacturing, health, energy and the agricultural sector.

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